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Thank you for visiting Lankester Exhibits Online.

My name is Carol McLean and i was born in Southgate, North London. In 1964 I moved to Surbiton, Surrey, where I completed my educational studies and qualified to attend Epsom School of Art and Design, now re-named as the University for the Creative Arts (UCA). Here I completed my foundation year and specialised in Fashion Design and Fine Art.

Following graduation, I found my career path changed direction. With the introduction of computing as a mainstream skill, I diversified in to technology and for many years found this as rewarding as my artistic background.

Eventually, with the advent of the Internet, I was finally able to combine these two skills and became a Web Designer and Programer in 1995. As a result, i am now a Chartered Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS CITP) and also a Member of the Institute of Service Management (MISM).

However, the desire to revisit my first love of art, using paint brushes, or any other artistic medium available rather than a mouse, became more acute and i now work predominantly as a stylised artist, although i still continue to run my Web Design company.

My work is not supposed to be photographic replicas of a buildings, animals, objects, or any other given subject, because if that is the requirement, then why not just use a camera?

My interpretaion of art, especially if based on a supplied photograph, is to use this as the essence and heart of the object and illustrate it as a sylised version of the subject matter, yet still retaining the likeness and identity of the subject requested.

I am also not unaquainted to providing paintings, skectches or ideas from an individual's concepts, i.e. montages or simply unique abstracts. For example, please view the Butterfly Guitar or Guitar Montage, under the website menu link "Abstract".

Please enjoy your visit, but also be aware that to enable fast downloads, the images are not as true as seen on this website. I am more than happy to supply you with a watermarked copy of a full, uncompressed, version of a print you would like to view in detail.